Four More Adventures In Grand Prairie Texas To Enjoy

Four More Adventures In Grand Prairie Texas To Enjoy

Part of visiting a city like Grand Prairie is knowing where to go to have some fun. Several featured attractions and things to do have been mentioned in previous articles, but I’m here to give you four more. Stop by these top places of interest in Grand Prairie, Texas, and see if you don’t have a great time.

Uptown Theater is not hard to find because it’s right on Main Street in downtown Grand Prairie. You can catch dance shows, musicals, plays and more at the Uptown Theater. The theater only holds about 400 people, but it is quite lovely. Its in the style of Art Deco, and it is a great venue. People mention in the reviews that the seats are quite comfortable, too.

The Green Meadows Petting Farm is a fun place to take the kids to see the animals. Located at 5610 Lake Ridge Parkway, Green Meadows Petting Farm features cows, turkeys, rabbits, ostriches and more. You can also enjoy a hay ride while you are there, too. One person mentioned in a review that there are also pig races there. It sounds like a fun experience for the entire family.

Alliance Skate Park is the place to go if you like skateboarding. There is a skate shop right there, too. You can also get food and drinks easily enough while you’re there. You’re going to be exerting lots of energy, so you want to know that you can refuel. Do you enjoy skateboarding? If so, then Alliance Skate Park is your stop for some fun.

If you find yourself in Grand Prairie during Christmastime, then you don’t want to miss this next opportunity. Grand Prairie Lights is part of the scene at Lynn Creek Park during Christmas. It is beautiful, and it’s great for the kids to see. There are different themes according to the reviews, and the beautiful holiday displays are great. Everyone will have fun checking out the Grand Prairie Lights.

That’s a wrap for attractions in Grand Prairie TX. Do remember, however, that there is even more to do as you venture to outlying areas towards cities like Arlington and Irving. You’ve got plenty to do for now, though, and you are set to have a grand ole time. Enjoy your adventures, and see which of the top places of interest you like best in Grand Prairie TX. It’s a wonderful city in Texas to visit.

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